Step 5: Framing

Back of the bus!!! That’s where all the cool kids sit, so it seems like the perfect place to start! 😉 We began by framing the bedroom walls with 2×4’s and used archway corner bead as our guide. We toenailed framing screws into the roof and floor for support.When sketching our layout, we originally wanted our toilet and tub together. Once we got inside the skoolie and started measuring the space, we realized it made our hallway smaller which also made the bus look much smaller. It’s amazing what a difference just a few inches make in a small space.

While living minimally means downsizing most of your belongings, it doesn’t mean you have to downsize them all. When we realized we could fit a king size bed in our bus with ample storage space we were all for it!

We custom built a platform bed with our storage below. We have access to the storage space from the back and side door and we will also build a slide out drawer for inside access. The platform will provide plenty of storage for our clothes, fishing gear, and also room for our solar power battery bank!

Cutting walls into a school bus proved to be a bit of a challenge. The curvature of the roof, the ridges along the windows, and a few bolts made things tough but I think we nailed it! We took the time to trace a graph on the wood and that helped us make more precise cuts.

As pictured, on the left will be our commode and refrigerator. To the right will be a small 24in closet and a bathtub. Yes, a bathtub!! The tub takes up the same amount of space as a shower, but with a tub we can bathe our fur baby easier and store things in there when it’s not being used! Multifunctional!

It’s so thrilling to see our vision take form inside! What do you guys think?

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