Step 4: Paint

Our big yellow bus will be yellow no longer! After weeks of sanding, we’re officially ready for paint! First, we gave the skoolie a light wash on the outside and a deep scrub on the inside.

Following the bath, we started preserving the windows and storage boxes by taping everything off. We started with the yellow Frog tape, but later discovered the orange Benjamin Moore painters tape worked much better! Worth the money!

Ok, now what do we use to paint a bus?? We didn’t want to spend a small fortune on automotive paint, so we decided to seek advice from the pros at Benjamin Moore. We went with their recommendation and purchased an oil based DTM paint for the outside of the bus. 

Luckily choosing a paint color wasn’t as difficult as we thought it would be. We agreed we wanted the bus to be gray and after seeing a few swatches, the color “trout gray” was too fitting for us to pass up!😉 

We bought an HPLV paint sprayer, but when it came time to spray the outside of the bus, it was way too windy to spray. Without the luxury of painting indoors, we opted to roll the paint on using microfiber cigar cover rollers.

We’re pretty impressed with the outcome and just LOVE the color! What do you guys think?

We also purchased the same oil based DTM paint in black to hand paint the bumpers and trim around the bus. Big mistake! It appeared thick and streaky after finishing half the bus. That’s when we found a black trim and bumper spray by Dupli-Color. We busted out the sanding pads again and prepped for the new spray. The spray was much easier to apply and left the trim and bumpers looking flawless!

After perfecting the trim on the outside, we were finally able to utilize our paint sprayer on the inside. The HPLV sprayer worked great although we actually went through more paint by using it. We opted for a water based DTM paint inside because it won’t fade and flake when it doesn’t get enough light. We gave Liberty a fresh coat of white inside and it certainly brightened the space up! This ‘ol girl is starting to clean up well! 

Next up➡️ Framing!

7 thoughts on “Step 4: Paint”

      1. I’ll definitely post pics… prep will start mid-March and paint early April. Still deciding on the colors. I really love your gray and black… I’m going for a beachy look, so will be similar to the inside colors!


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