Step 2: Floor Plan

Following the big bus purchase, we got started on our layout. Creating a floor plan to accommodate both of us on the bus was a struggle. Being newlyweds, it was a true test of communication and compromise. Once again we were trying to find our line between a need and a want.

Everything built in a tiny home needs to be multifunctional. We spent days brainstorming for new designs and watched numerous tiny house documentaries in search of unique ideas to maximize our small space. When building your own home, it needs to fit you.

Our must haves include:

  1. Garage- We love to be outdoors. Hiking, fishing, biking, camping, kayaking, grilling, etc. We need LOTS of space for equipment.
  2. Bedroom- We want our bedroom separate from our living space.
  3. Kitchen- We want to be as self sustainable as possible and we like food. 🙂
  4. Bathroom- This was a must, but also a compromise. Keaton didn’t see a need for a sink in the bathroom. We agreed to have a small vessel sink. After all; happy wife, happy life!
  5. Couch- Three functions in one. Netflix and chill space, bed conversion when family and friends visit, and more storage.
  6. Workspace- We run a small eBay business and plan to keep it going while on the road. We need workspace and storage for the supplies.

After lots of sketching and erasing, we came up with this rough draft. Plans are still tentative while building. Let us know what you think!



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