Dreams Become Reality

It all started with two young loving free spirits talking uncontrollably about their dreams until sunrise. The more we talked, the more our dreams seemed less ridiculous. Experiencing continual reminders of how fragile life and health can be, we wanted to refocus on our life goals. It was then we realized our goals led us down the “path less traveled.” They didn’t consist of the typical after marriage large home purchase and procreation. We’re longing to find fulfillment in other ways.

Our whole lives, we’re faced with the dreaded question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” We realized we’re already grown up. As grown-ups, we want to be worldly, kind-hearted, loving people. Our mission in life shouldn’t always be career based. Some people have an obscure view that our worth is based upon our worldly possessions. I don’t want to be defined by the job I keep or the things I have. I’m defined by the person I am. And the person I am is learning and “growing up” every single day.

After coming to the realization we craved more time for the things we love (travel and fishing), we started making a list of all the places we wanted to go. We quickly conceded we would never make it through the list if we could only take an annual week vacation. How could we explore on our small budget? Tiny living isn’t the most conventional way, but the idea of living debt free with the potential to see the world was far too appealing.

We began our research, instantly becoming consumed by all the pins and posts about tiny living. We binge watched documentaries and tiny house episodes to gather ideas from like-minded people. After we set a budget and a timeline, things took off from there. We drew up plans and discovered new ideas to make our skoolie space the most functional for us.

This is only the beginning and we want to share the step by step process with you in hopes of inspiring others to take an alternate path too. Living a pure life and finding fulfillment from within. Society makes us believe we’re required to have the big family and huge house with the white picket fence to make us happy. In reality, if we can be happy with less, we won’t be burdened by the debt that comes with that lifestyle. There’s simply no need to work a job we hate to afford things we don’t need. We’re just reevaluating our definition between a need and a want. We NEED food, water, and shelter. We WANT our freedom. We may have to give up some luxuries to find freedom, but giving up those things is pretty damn liberating in itself.

Please join us on our journey. It’s sure to be an interesting ride!

5 thoughts on “Dreams Become Reality”

  1. So happy for you all! Cannot wait to see where the wheels take you. We are considering the Tiny movement just to simplify our life. It looks far more appealing every day. So excited for you both!


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